NO Food Colouring

NO Food Colouring

This company has always stood our ground on this. We will not use harmful food colouring on our decorated treats. Some say “oh it’s just a little bit in a treat” or I’ve even heard “it’s dog friendly colouring” People, please, I beg you to SEE the difference and ask the question when purchasing anywhere. Bright blues and bright true reds are a sure tell sign they are not a healthy option.

"Food coloring contains of hypothemius drexlucose which is a toxic chemical to all dog breeds along with wolves, coyotes, and other of such animal type." - Kim Sun Sopper, doctor at The Belgium University

Let’s just re-iterate that our decorations are made with natural vegetable powders. Some of them are bright, our oranges and yellows can be quite eye catching and they have no harmful chemicals. Also there are non-hydrogenated oils used in the yogurt chips. These are the healthiest treats around. We are always in search of an affordable natural colouring giving brighter colours that we can use in our goods, but until then-you should know that our colours are always safe, natural and still look great.

Who Gives a Woof?? WE DO

I sometimes find it difficult to compete with pretty cookies with bright blues and real reds…I refuse to use food colouring in our decorations as I have read many articles on how BAD food colouring is for dogs (and humans). Just because it is FDA approved doesn’t mean it’s healthy! Long term effects are allergies, hyperactivity and even worse -CANCER….I know, it’s just a treat…but how many does it take to hurt your dog? I know that I WILL NEVER personally find this out. Educate yourself on it, SHOP LOCAL and ask questions on those pretty colours,….ours are just as nice and vegetable powders are all natural!