Client Stories

Client Stories

Feedback is essential! Feedback acts as an ongoing measure of the quality and palatability of our products and reinforces the time and effort we invest into using locally sourced, wholesome ingredients that are baked in small batches. Based on the feedback we have received, we have become steadfast in our commitment to never compromise in the practices that have distinguished us from other manufacturers. We prefer to do things the old-fashioned way, and hope to do so for a very long time. Below are some customer testimonials that share the experiences of some of our very satisfied four-legged friends. If you have anything you wish to forward on to The Barkery, please contact us.

Ella the Superhero Birthday Dog!

Ella sure knows how to throw a party! Happy Birthday to Ella! Lucky dog she is, as her Mom loves buying her our treats…and her birthday cake! All natural too…no food colouring!!! I think her party guests were very pleased 🙂

Birthday Boy!

Meet Pablo, this handsome little man just celebrated his FIRST birthday.

Looks like he’s pleased with his cake! 

Piper's Birthday

This is Piper and she recently celebrated her 9th Birthday!

She really loved her cake! Happy Birthday Piper!


Meet Monster…his owner Julia must keep up his supply of our Banana Biscotti. It’s THE ONLY treat he wants. I can’t tell you the amount she orders a month-let’s just say he is one happy dog and is never without them! How can you say no to this guy!

Happy Adoption Day!

Amanda recently celebrated Happy Adoption Day with her fur monsters. Oh happy day–treats and all!

Happy Birthday Bentley!

Bentley enjoyed his Barkery goodies that his mom Ashley bought for him!

Isn’t he sweet?

Happy DOGS!!

Nova and Riley recently were spoiled to a box of goodies from the Barkery! Thanks to their Mom Julie…

can you feel the excitement??

Ella's First Birthday!!!

Thank you so much for the awesome carrot cake!  Ella and all the friends loved it! Her 1st birthday cake, she just loved it! We will be back aug 17th to get a little cake for Livvi’s 2nd birthday!

Shawna W. 

Pooka and Georgie

Happy Birthday wishes go out to Pooka and Georgie! They are enjoying their goodies!

They are also total fans of our Emu Jerky and forces their Mom Judy to order it quite frequently!

Pooka wouldn’t share her cookie though, and we can’t blame her!

Brody's Birthday!

Brody and his Barkery Birthday goodies! He loves them!

Colby's 1st Birthday!

“It was Colby`s 1st birthday (the retriever). He was nice enough to share with his little brother, Tucker. They love the treats so much, that not a crumb is left on the floor, which I love! That doesn`t happen to often in this house. haha
Thanks so much!!
I will definitely be ordering again!!”


Bandit's Birthday!

Look how well behaved Bandit is…waiting for his Birthday goodies!! Happy Birthday Bandit!Thanks so much!!


This sweet pup, Oakley, is going to live a great life in Burnaby BC and will soon try his first Barkery treats that are on their way to him now! Hope he enjoys them!!


This is Myla, she is LOVING her first birthday cake from The Barkery!!


Aspen is loving this Barkery Brownie!!! Hurry take the picture so I can EAT IT!

My Favourite Store

This is Mudd, resident pooch of My Favourite Store in Forest, ON. Grand Opening is Wednesday May 1st.

I think he likes the cookies!!!!


To The Barkery Stratford

Bentley – On behalf of the McLeod/Williams family & their dog Bentley. We would love to thank The Barkery for the best service and treats/toys for Bentley. Bentley was spoiled on his first birthday and was very happy with his treats and his new toy. He was going nuts and he didn’t want to leave the toy alone. We will definitely keep coming back to get more gifts for our two dogs. Thank You. We recommend this place to everyone who has a dog. 🙂

Jennifer 🙂

Our treats in TOKYO!!

Hi, I enjoyed my stay in London last week, my dog loves emu Jerky which I brought  back to Tokyo:)


This is Tobey, from London. Loving that DUCKY!!!


Thank you for your cookies, I love them.

Many friendly barks,

Thor De Groote


This is Teddy- a beautiful 112lb dog from Quebec. His owner Jean-Claude was happy to find our treats in a store in Hudson, Quebec and Teddy gets a yummy healthy bedtime snack every night now! Lucky Teddy!!

Happy Jaxx!

We have a 7 month old mini schnauzer named Jaxx. The Barkery downtown London, inside the Covent Garden Market is  essential to my little guys needs!  Diane has been a great help with constant information about raising Jaxx into a good dog. I have learned a lot from her. She has pointed us to a good quality food, recommended some excellent dog trainers, and also finding a groomer. My last experience was the best one yet. We decided to change Jaxx’s food to ACANA Pacifica from ACANA wild prairie It is a all fish based (made in Canada) dog food. Now, our little  one is a picky eater. After trying it out for a couple of weeks, Jaxx just did not like the fish. I informed the Barkery about this and they told me to bring it back to exchange it for the Wild Prairie that Jaxx was eating. This was very satisfying and outstanding customer service! Good quality dog food is expensive, but to have a store that will back you and your dogs needs is priceless!

Thanks The Barkey!

Roger and Christina….. woof, woof oh ya and Jaxx too!


We love the Barkery’s Pupsicles! We use them daily in our boarding kennel.  Our guests delight in the variety of flavours – Peanut Butter Banana being a crowd favourite!  They were a great treat over this very hot summer, and will be a mainstay the kennel for years to come!


Katie Harvey, RVT
Tails Wag Inn
A Country Getaway For Your Pet
F: 519-393-8224

Angela from Sudbury ON

Hi there 🙂 I just wanted to write to say that I was lucky enough to come across your location in Covent Garden Market in London and I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of products especially the wheat free/grain free alternatives because my dog has a sensitivity to it. I am moving to london in the winter so It is nice to see local shops selling their products ( i know you are based out of stratford) I just think your products our great. We have a group on facebook that we share stories,pictures, share advice, raise awareness about animal cruelty, share petitions and share products we love. We have a little over 1000 members but I have shares the link to your web page I hope you don’t mind. EVERYONE needs to support local companies because these are the companies that care and I can see that in the products you deliver. Kudos to you!!! 

The group is called Buddy “The Hero Dog” , we had an incident of animal cruelty in sudbury in March that prompted the group to begin and we’ve been gathering groups, and slowly making small changes as much as we can in our community whether it be by holding charity events for our rescues or by urging people to volunteer their time. I will link you to it.

Here is what was posted on Facebook: I just wanted to share with everyone a little business I came across when I was down at the market in downtown London. It is called THE BARKERY !! I know many of us have the recipe for the wonderful doggy treats but for those who don`t have the time or don`t feel the can make the treats, check out their website. It is a business based out of stratford, Ontario. and I noticed you can actually order off of their website. They have a variety of different products(all natural with no artificial colours, flavours, salt or extra sugar) and I am all for promoting and supporting small business. The ones who don`t overly mass produce and who haven`t been gobbled up by big corporation mumbo jumbo. The small companies really do care about the products they send out . Check them out. They have wheat free, grain free, gluten free products also for our furry friends who are allergic or have a low tolerance! Riley loves their treats. Best part is you can pronounce ALL the ingredients in these treats! 🙂 

London's DOWNTOWN DOG event...

Hi my name is kim Sproule and i was at Downtown Dogs today with All Breed Canine Rescue and received one of your Peanut Butter Hearts N Paws treat when i made a donation and also got one of the Toni’s buddy hedgehogs
I gave about 1/3 of the treat to my dog Bandit and he went nuts,loved it and now he won’t leave me alone LOL
thanks for a great event and we will definately be seeing you soon;)


On behalf of the McLeod/Williams family & their dog Willow. We would love to thank The Barkery for the best service and treats for Willow. Willow was spoiled on her first birthday and was very happy with her treats. She was wagging her tail a lot after she had the treats and wanted more. We will definitely keep coming back to get more gifts for Willow. Thank You. We recommend this place to everyone who has a dog. 🙂

Friends from London, Ontario.

On behalf of the McLeod/Williams family & their dog Willow. We would love to thank The Barkery for the best service and treats for Willow. Willow was spoiled on her first birthday and was very happy with her treats. She was wagging her tail a lot after she had the treats and wanted more. We will definitely keep coming back to get more gifts for Willow. Thank You. We recommend this place to everyone who has a dog. 🙂

Sarah and Lady are pictured here…

Easter Goodies 2012

Pixie is enjoying her Carrot cookie! She is Munroe’s BFF

St. Patricks Day Cookies 2012

Here is a pic of Munroe enjoying her yummy Leprechaun cookie!

They absolutely loved them!
Cant wait for Easter!

Thanks again for shipping them to us here in the great white north 🙂

“The Barkery~simply a step above the rest!”…Jen & Munroe in northern ont.

Dog lovers Colin Mochrie (Who's Line is it Anyways?) and Deb McGrath (Little Mosque on the Prairie)

“Next to the Stratford Festival our big destination in Stratford is The Barkery. We have been going there for years to buy healthy, wonderful and whimsical treats for our dogs Frisker and Fanny and their puppy pals. The truth is, once we tried The Barkery we wouldn’t go anywhere else and when we are running low, we order our doggie treats and The Barkery ships them to us. The sight of a Barkery bag coming out of the cupboard gets our dogs tails wagging. Thank you Barkery for your first rate treats.”

Abigail Winter-Culliford/ Sadie Culliford/Coco, Stratford ON

“Okay. So I’m addicted to the Barkery….. in more ways than one: To start with, the service is to bark for. The moment I walk through the door, my precious canine and I are treated like gold starting with woofs and wags from Daisy and Samantha followed by a smile and friendly greeting from one of the Barkery’s competent staff. And did I mention the bright and playful feeling of the place? In addition to the mega-variety of dog treats from “Emu liver” and “Chicken Liver Snaps” to “Postman Fingers,” Paul and Cheryl always have the shelves stocked with all the most current toys, shampoos and specialty items for every dog’s needs.

It was the Barkery that we wrote “home” about when we first moved to Stratford – one of the first hot spots that we discovered and frequented regularly for its positive vibe, unique space and interesting conversation. And now, 2 1/2 years later, the Barkery still stands as one of our top five favourite shops in Stratford.

Back to the “dog treats.” My favourite variety is the “Peanut-butter / Banana Biscuits.” Our dog, Coco, usually doesn’t get to experience many of these ones since I am busy eating them all! My secret to staying healthy is to eat seven Peanut-butter and Banana Barkery biscuits each day with my Green Tea. My daugther, Abigail’s favourite treat is the strawberry “Pupsicle.”

Best of all, our Coco is loved and valued at the Barkery. Here ends (but continues) my Barkery addiction story.”